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Providing You With the Very Best Locally Made Premium Flavored Iced Tea

With the use of natural sweeteners such as Stevia, sugar & real honey in a blend of green & black tea extracts; Lick Iced Tea is perfect glass-bottled iced tea! It has since been the beverage of choice of awesome individuals looking for a guilt-free iced tea with the same amount of sweetness, minus the calories! Cheers!

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About Lick Iced Tea

Get to Know Us

Crafted in 2016, South Carolina Beverages Incorporated is the brainchild of 5 individuals who sought to create a new entrant in the glass-bottled flavored tea beverage segment. 

After noticing a lot of flavored beverages are made to cater to the lower segment of the market, and majority are either in P.E.T. bottles or Tetra-Pak forms, and only a handful are in glass-bottle formats, and majority of which are imported products, the founders recognized a potential market in the limited choice of consumers in terms of premium and quality iced tea drinks, and knowing that a beverage‘s full flavor is best experienced in glass bottles delivering a bolder, crisper and better tasting drink, this made the owners to finally venture and concoct a new entrant in the sub-segment.

Creating its own unique concoction of the perennial favorite flavors of iced teas in glass bottle formats while using the finest & natural ingredients available, South Carolina Beverages is proud to introduce its first line of product, Lick Iced Tea.

South Carolina Beverages Incorporated envisions to create not only quality beverages but is also continuously planning to create and produce savoury food products for everyone to enjoy in the future.


Simply to let every Filipino get to taste premium quality savory food & beverage products using only the finest and natural ingredients in the world that is as good as its taste as to what they have to pay.


To let our brands be a top-of-mind choice in the food & beverage industry, providing premium quality savory snack and beverage products to every Filipino consumers.

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Our Product Line

What We Do

Together with its dedicated and professional team of partners, Lick Iced Tea has become the go-to locally made glass-bottled flavored iced tea drink in the Philippines.

We supply our retail partners with the finest quality, premium glass-bottled drinks. Whether you’re a cafe, a restaurant, or a deli shop looking to stock on premium local Flavored Teas or Juices, you can always count on us. Check out our products below to shop for the items of your choice.

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Product Details

Only the Best.

  • Premium & Eco-Friendly Glass Bottles

  • Halal Certified

  • Store in a cool & dry place

  • Case Packing: 380ml x 24bottles

  • Case Dimensions: 36.5x24x24cm

  • Case Weight: 18.1kg

  • Shelf life: 1-year

  • Proudly Made in the Philippines


Lick Iced Tea

Same Sweetness. Lesser Calories.

  • Naturally sweetened with Stevia & sugar

  • 100% Green Tea & Black Tea

  • Sakura Blossom: 100% Green Tea + Infused w/ real honey 

  • Contains Natural Antioxidants

  • No Artificial Color

  • No Artificial Sweeteners

  • No Artificial Preservatives

Island Mango Fruit Juice

Staying Healthy.

  • 100% Philippine Island Mangoes

  • Mango from Davao & Batangas

  • Contains Natural Vitamin C

  • No Artificial Color

  • No Artificial Sweeteners

We're looking for more retail partners to carry our products and thought you might want to try stocking our drinks!

Contact us today!


09176348013 • 09176783191 • 09176347845 • 09982824702

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Interested in doing business with Lick Iced Tea? Contact us to see what we can do for you. Our business hours are M-S: 8am-5pm.

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